Subway Baby (Various)-Super Balla Erik (Mixtape 22)


1) Led Zepplin – D’Yer Mak’er (Original) (T-Edit)
2) AJL Band – This Is No Horse (Original)
3) Jaz – Move To The Beach (Jaz Edit)
4) Eric B & Rakim – In The Ghetto (Rhythm Scholar Remix)
5) Kill Emil – O’Jogo (Original)
6) Bumphrey Hogart – Rat Cut A Bottle (Subway Baby Re-Edit)
7) Flash & The Pan – Hole In The Middle (Cosmo Vitelli Edit)
8) Bumphrey Hogart – Duck Tour Lajban (Subway Baby Edit)
9) Phil Gerus – I Don’t Care If You’re Plastic (Original)
10) Secret Squirrel – Secret Squirrels #16 (Side A)
11) Johannes Albert – Giovanni Frizzante (Original)
12) Kasso – Walkman (Jellybean Re-Edit)
13) Chemise – She Can’t Love You (Vocal)
14) Secret Squirrel – Secret Squirrels #16 (Side B)
15) Carl And Carol Jacobs – Robot Jam (Nick & Dan Tyler Rerub)
16) Dollkraut & Bernard Crochet – Peace Planet (Original)
17) Models – J.R. Robot (Vocal)
18) The Police – Roxanne (Master Kev & Tony Loreto Remix)
19) Automatic Tasty – A World Of Moving & Connected Parts (Original)

… Most precious tunes in this “Balearic” mix !! … For starters that “Led Zepplin” track is pure funk, just did some re-edits on the intro & extro for easy mixin … The “AJL Band” tune got more “horse” than most tracks these days … My fave edit man “Jaz” got this assum “Beach” edit, dope … Rakim got booted by “Rhythm Scholar”, heavy that one … “Kill Emil” is as funky as they come with a “Kool & The Gang” drum, funky vibe … My own edit of “Rat Cut A Bottle” is afcause assum !!!! … Cosmo Vitelli brings out the best parts of that funky sloo beat “Flash & The Pan” track, yummy …. My friends at “Swemix” rekurds got this vinyl produced by Dennis & friends, mostly samplin that ol “In Zaire” beats track, wich is what this “Duck Tour Lajban” edit is … He He …. “Phil Gerus” tweakin, funkin bomb of a balearic track !!! …. “Secret Squirrels #16” got 2 sides of party mayhem goin on here … Check that rekurd at Juno, dope …. “Giovanni Frizzante” is my italo jaaaaam, thanks for the remaster, assum … “Kasso” / “Chemise” are 80´s electro party bombs !!! … “Carl And Carol Jacobs” got the Nick & Dan Tyler Rerub, and it´s a disco “Jingo” classic, get on that one fast … More Italo, fun madness comes from “Dollkraut & Bernard Crochet” with their syntherzized “Peace Planet” monster track, just tooo kool !! …. “J.R. Robot” is even better, durrn !!! … Finally “The Police” get´s a superfonky balearic remake by “Master Kev & Tony Loreto” and it works a treat !! … To end the tape my fave track “A World Of Moving & Connected Parts” is just sum pure electric joy … It´s all good // Subway :)


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