Subway Baby (Various)-Super Balla Erik (Mixtape 21)


1) Tony Wilson – New York City Life (Original)
2) Gigi Flag – Nymphomaniac (Sex-Version)
3) Renée – Lay Me Down (Original) (T-Edit)
4) Bumphrey Hogart – Woman 2 Woman (Davis Buvie´s Tu-Pak Edit)
5) Afrobot – Jungle (Afrobot Edit) (04AM)
6) Apiento – The Orange Place (Original)
7) Black Jack – Jungle Man Jive (Original)
8) Bruxas – Mass Profundo (Original)
9) Bumphrey Hogart – Annie Motion (Subway Baby´s Obsession Edit)
10) Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis (Extended Dis)
11) Two Mammarrachos – Mucho Malo (Discordance Remix)
12) Waffles 006 – Croatia White (B-Side Original)
13) Synergy – Delta One (Original) (T-Edit)
14) Baricentro – Tittle Tattle (Instrumental Version)
15) Cosmic Gal – Space Fever (Original)
16) Simple Minds – Theme For Great Cities (Original)
17) Jupiter Black – We Like Moroder (Divider Remix)
18) PBR Streetgang – Late Night Party Line (Original)
19) October Dance – Tina W (Flemming Dalum Remix)
20) The Doobie Brothers – It Keeps You Runnin’ (Original)

… The good ol balearic classics continues :) … I know that first track by “Tony Wilson” was the opener for my “Tour De Fjord Part 16”, but it was such a huge influence on me back in the “Stockholm” classics days that i just have to open with it again … Biiig track that one … The “Gigi Flag” smoocher is just a hot slo-moo teaser mainly played in it´s instrumental, but i think we need the “Sex” back in that one, your choice …. The funky new “Bumphrey” kills it with the most infectious piano chord evvver (might contain parts of Joe C … Ehh) !!! … The “Afrobot” jungle track is a tribal / balearic muunster toon !!! … “Black Jack” just kills it with assum & serious low pitch sung male vocals (!) Totally sexy that one …. “Bruxas” is a new find for me and it´s a funky tribal monster, check that one out !!! … Movin on to my pal “Hogart” again with that electric 80´s cheesy twitch, no brains on that one, but soooo effective … Beat Dis is de bumb !!! … “Mucho Malo” turns the white island into a hippie frenzy with koooool 80´s synths & funky beats, get on it …. Ohh, here we go on that “Waffles” edit sessions. I never heard that Zdenka Kovacicek original track, but it´s a sweet marriage of “I Feel Love” and a Croatian love fest in the late 70´s, bliss … “Synergy” parts are sooo kool, did a little edit a couple of years ago … “Baricentro” got the assum instrumental & remaster on this release … “Cosmic Gal” is just tooo kool, choice !!!! Simple minds “Cities” track was always the “A” side for dj´s & the “B” side for idiots … “Divider” Remix kicks like a mule with the tweaked “Moroder” B-Line, phaaat !! … “PBR Streetgang” Do what they doooo, assum 80´s hauz & cheeky samples, just love this one sooo much !!! … “October Dance” got me spinnin lika a rekurd here in the studio, cauz it´s just so damn cheesy :) …. Ending with the assum “Doobie” … The name of the group should be a tell it´s prettey good, he he, no seriously, it´s assum … Do Enjoy :)


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