Subway Baby (Various)-Super Balla Erik (Mixtape 20)


1) Falcons – Perdido En El Universo (Original)
2) Primal Scream – Movin’ On Up (Original) (T-Edit)
3) Grace Jones – My Jamaican Guy (12” Version)
4) Don Henley – Dirty Laundry (Bumphrey Hogart Re-Edit)
5) The Aloof – Never Get Out The Boat (The Gosh Mix)
6) Pieces Of A Dream – Mt. Airy Groove (Instrumental Version)
7) Dizzi Heights – Would I Find Love (Memoirs From Future Edit)
8) Bob Chance – Wild It’s Broken (TP Version)
9) Demis Roussos – Midnight Is The Time I Need You (Original)
10) Massimo Barsotti D.J. – Whole Lotta Love (Jamie 3:26 Edit)
11) Pluton & Humanoids – World Invaders (Original)
12) Bobby “O” – I’m So Hot For You (Bumphrey Hogart Instrumental)
13) The Bayara Citizens – Ju/Ru Rhythm (7″ Mix Part 1.1)
14) Brand Image – Are You Loving (Instrumental) (T-Edit)
15) Alan Hawkshaw – The Speed Of Sound (Original)
16) Depeche Mode – I Feel Loved (Danny Tenaglia’s Edit) (T-Edit)
17) Silver Bullet – 20 Seconds To Comply (The Final Conflict)
18) DAF – Der Mussolini (Giorgio Moroder & Denis Remix)
19) DAF – Der Mussolini (Denniz Pop Remix)
20) T-Rex – Children Of The Revolution (T-Edit)

… The Big number 20 !!! … Like the last 19 sessions of Balearic funk, this is as good as it gets !!! … That “Falcons” Intro was my opener for years back in the days … Don Henley had this slo-moo groove in the original 12″, but now i made the Edit i always wanted … “The Aloof” was a huge beach / bar opener tune, “Pieces Of A Dream” is just the lush beachy dream … That “Bob Chance” re-edit is like Ian Dury on crack, wonderful … he he … Now my eastern hero “Demis Roussos” steps up to do his disco tune “Midnight”, just right for the bouncy bouncy cool bar … (Jamie 3:26 Edit) is the ol italo edit we always wanted on that track .. Bobby O gets the instrumental re-edit by myself, just because i dont like the vocals, do you hear “Da Hype” in there ? … Pluton´s “World Invaders” is as spacey as u like … That “Bayara Citizens” is one of my fave instumental percussion traxx, works jus aswell in a house set, check that 7″ sucker on “Discogs” … Depeche by Tenaglia, too kool, “Silver Bullet” raves on like it´s 1999 … DAF are like all Germans, too kool, all mixes work on that one !!! Funny new one by “Moroder & Denis” & My ol “Denniz Pop” Remix !!! … T * to my muther fuxxer Rex ends this one with the slowest and probably best “Children Of The Revolution” (Private “Phaze” Edit) … Duuurn !!!


…. Check all “SUPER BALLA ERIK” right here

… That Aloof vinyl goin to my drive … I´m rekurdin fo ya folks …

Subway Baby (Various)-Super Balla Erik (Mixtape 20)-tommy

The Aloof – Never Get Out The Boat (The Gosh Mix) … The One …

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